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 At Backbone Production, we’ve been interviewing hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs, and reporting on brilliant ideas and disruptive innovations from changemakers shaping the world of tomorrow.

Our background as journalists gives us a precious asset: we’ve been trained to be sharp listeners and keen interviewers. We listen carefully to what is said, and pay deep attention to what goes unsaid. We ask relevant and thought-provoking questions to get a holistic picture of what is at play.

We love to tell stories, and when we say stories, we mean meaningful stories that engage the audience and have a positive impact on them. We explore fresh ways to give life to narratives by investing in the most recent aerial cinematography technology. We provide the audiovisual means to match up to our goals. Through our experience and expertise, our team will help you translate your words into authentic films.



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Viridiana Houssier
Executive producer

From an idea to a great movie, she will follow you throughout the project. Viridiana worked for thirteen years in a french production company. These past years, she has been a managing editor and a production manager for a daily in live show for France5, a generalist channel. Today, she brings her experience at Backbone production as executive producer.  

Alexis Orand
Co-founder, Videographer & Producer

Alexis spent more than ten years as a photographer for many prestigious European magazines. His passion for photography organically led him to move behind the video camera. These past years, he has contributed to more than thirty long format and television coverage documentaries. Today, he brings his experience as a man of images to collaborate on the most aspiring audiovisual projects.  

Virginie Goubier
Co-founder, Filmmaker & Producer

Virginie started her career as a reporter for BFMTV, a 24-hour rolling news TV channel based in France. She has been working in San Francisco since 2011 and has been covering a wide variety of subjects in science and tech innovation for European TV programs. As a video producer and journalist, she is always keen to work on new creative challenges that entail designing new visual experiences and reinventing ways to bring tech and scientific innovation to a large audience.  

Clara Bijl
script writer, scenarist

Clara started her career as a stand-up comedian in NYC. After touring the country extensively, she turned to writing. Since, she wrote for Swiss TV Shows, she created web series (in French and English) and she produced a pilot. Clara is constantly working on new projects; you can watch some of her videos on funnyfrench and read her shorts stories on @clarawrites. As a comedian and a writer, she brings a touch of humor to every project.  

Valerie Defert
Filmmaker & producer - Los Angeles office

Valerie started her career in 2006, participating in the creation of the international 24/7 news network France 24, based in Paris. She became France 24's correspondent in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and covered stories all over South America. Then Valerie moved to Los Angeles to cover the 2012 US presidential elections and has worked as a TV producer and reporter in California ever since. Today, Valerie uses her journalistic and producing skills to help corporations and small businesses tell engaging stories, with a creative yet very human and authentic approach. valerie@backboneproduction