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We spend the amount of time needed to understand who you are as an organization. What is your brand identity? What inspires you? What impact do you want to have? Who is the video for? What is the message you want to share? What are the tone and style you want and don't want to convey? What is your workable budget range? What is your timeline? What are your expectations? With this series of questions, we get a better sense of why you exist and what makes you unique. This inspires us for the next phase for generating concept options.


This is the creative phase. We predesign shots, we shape interview questions, we develop a script and a storyboard, we write a synopsis. Together we elaborate a vision that will make your story unique to you. This step gives everyone a feel for how the final product will look like.


This is the fun part. We scout locations, we bring the gear, we guide whoever is in the spotlight, and we capture the moments that matter. Although we begin with a clear idea of the video concept, we allow room for the project to develop and evolve organically.


Through post-production, we add the final magical touch. We provide editorial, visual effects, color correction, sound mix, and assembly for the video. Throughout, we will integrate your feedback so as to create an appealing final product.

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